1 Kings 20:1-3

He sent messengers to the city to tell Ahab, king of Israel: «Thus says Ben Hadad: -“Your gold and your silver are mine, as well as your wives and your beautiful children”».”“The king of Israel sent this reply: "As you say, my lord and king, I am yours, with all that I have."

In the area where you make an agreement with the enemy you will not be able to ask God to intervene in your favor!

There are things that we have given up, there are territories that we have handed over to him without realizing it — it is in that area where God cannot do anything in our favor because we have already agreed with someone else. God will never allow us to benefit from our disobedience.

God wants us to cut the ties that connect us with people, attitudes and things that represent past ways of living and walk under his lordship! Only those who humble themselves before God can reign and rule!

I invite you to identify the reason for your battles and to break any unconscious contract that may have you without entering the land of promise!

Pastor Jose Daniel Martinez.

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