The Bible, Old and New Testament, both are The Word of God, and are the entire revelation of the will of God for the salvation of man. It is our practical rule of life and conduct. The Word of God is the major authority in the life of the believer and the fountain of our faith. The entire Bible is inspired by God and has no errors or contradictions. We believe that the Bible explains itself.



We believe in the redeeming works of Jesus Christ on the cross of the Calvary providing the salvation and the forgiveness of our sins through His death and His sacrifice on the cross- the blood that was shed. We believe that salvation is received by grace (favor undeserved) and by faith not by works. As a consequences of believing with faith in the redeeming works of Jesus Christ which is without value- that is why it is free.

We believe that the life of a believer must be centered in the person of Jesus Christ as an author of salvation and as a King and Lord of our lives.



are a manifest in 3 people.

We believe in the supernatural manifestation of God during these times and through the person of the Holy Spirit. Through His gifts, empowering the church to do His works in function of its edification and expansion through miracles and supernatural wonders.

We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are also for this period of the church and we need to desire them, ask for them, and practice them with freedom properly and within an order. "done properly and in order." 1 Cor 14:40

We are a church that promotes prayer as a lifestyle because we BELIEVE that prayer is the fountain of an abundant and healthy life as well as what provokes an atmosphere of miracles. A church cannot sustain itself, nor be multiplied without prayer.

We believe that church is composed of people that through their saving faith in Jesus Christ, have been forgiven, regenerated and called on by the Holy Spirit to form the body of Christ.


of our Jesus Christ

in the rapture