“Decisions Make Riches”

When you decide well, you receive a reward.

Daniel 3:8
God's laws decide my wealth, you can create anything in your future because your decisions unleash riches. My decisions make my family healthy. My decisions give me good health. Two people can have the same father but they can have different decisions. Where your passion is is your decision.

2- Keep God's equation intact. One of the characteristics of why we lose battles is because we upset the equation. When you alter the formula you will go wrong. Joshua 15:63 They couldn't, they didn't throw it, could it be that they didn't want to? When God gives you instructions, be careful not to alter the formula, because when you alter it, it will not go well for you.

3- What makes happen for others, God will make happen for you. Ephesians 6:8 With this verse they manipulated us, that we be good because others will be good to us, you are good to some and they return evil for good. Everything good you do for someone GOD WILL GIVE YOU BACK. MANY TIMES God commands us to make a decision and we insist on doing something that we understand. Deception in life causes confusion. Make God his personal partner in everything. He decides to focus you on specific goals.

Pastor Yoanny Martínez.

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“Decisions Make Riches”

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