A Chosen People

A small group of 12 threatened, flawed and rough men chosen by Jesus Christ are who began the most remarkable story of todays world wide faith. These chosen people- these disciples, went from followers and students to being apostles, messengers and leaders themselves. Chosen people are not shaken or moved but even when failing, God grants second chances, love, mercy and forgiveness.

Matthew 28:19–20
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

We know that Jesus came to the world to give us direct access to The Father and to learn from Him.

The disciples did not qualify according to our standards. But Jesus chose them.

The disciples believed the Savior would come to free them from the Romans just as Moses led God's people out of Egypt. But Jesus did not meet their expectations. HE SURPASSED THEM!

John James, Peter and Andrew, fishermen who needed to to meet their obligations of feeding their family and paying taxes, wanted someone who would come fight for them, if not help them fight! Maybe they followed Jesus because they wanted to make sure their own personal needs were met even after the miracle of the fish.


He called on Matthew, a wealthy tax collector. However, tax collectors were despised social outcasts.


Simon the Zealot who was very strict about upholding the jewish religious laws, used violence to get his point across.


Judas, known as untrustworthy and disloyal. But, he was the group’s treasurer. He kept track of what was needed within the group. So it’s safe to say that when he joined the group, he must’ve been regarded as one of its most reliable members. But who can hide the intentions of the heart?


The disciples, all different, but with Jesus as their leader, the perfect teacher and faithful friend, got these men to think of what the ULTIMATE objective was. Focus on a goal. Focus on a vision. While meeting their own personal needs.

The church needs to focus on the goal, or the vision, vs. the conflicts or what we think a person's potential is.

The church needs to endure and have no fear. We will have challenges and our faith may be challenged but we must pass the test.

Just like the disciples, the chosen ones, we will also have arguments and disagreements. We will sometimes lose focus like "fiery" John and James. We will sometimes be quick to react and slow to listen. But even when we fail, we must come back, repent and ask for another chance.

We know the cross was not the end of our story. We know that JESUS IS RISEN. We know that what empowered, motivated and encouraged these men is what occurred after the Pentecost! THE HOLY SPIRIT, the same one that lives in us today.

These 12 men, capable of jealousy, bitterness, selfishness and even violence, are the founders of the greatest movement alive today!

And what is more fascinating is that they are very much like you and me.

Pastor Yomaris Rodriguez.

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