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A home that is dirty and full of clutter is not a happy place to live, it has negative energy, and the people who live in this environment will be affected. Clutter hinders and stagnates, making it very difficult to continue on our paths.

The stress of looking for things causes anxiety, depresses and brings confusion, hence the importance of throwing away, or donating what we no longer need, to give a new look to the home. Your house is the reflection of your life, and this implies everything: "physical, spiritual, sentimental, work, social and family." Always remember that there is a place for everything, and everything must be in its place, this helps to be in harmony, and has an impact on a better flow of energy. House cleaning should be done and get rid of or remodel everything that does not make us feel good, to make way for the new. Do not accumulate unnecessary things, it is important to remove from the house everything that does not contribute anything, everything that does not work, or you no longer like. By getting rid of things that do not contribute anything positive, the house loses negativity, gains space and is much easier to clean, which is something important. You have to surround yourself with things that we like, that bring back good memories, that motivate us.

Your house is you… as is your house, so are you!

Our home is a reflection of ourselves, it tells us how we are at that moment, if we are stagnant, surrounded by a lot of things that do not bring us anything, and prevent us from seeing or having time for the most important things, we lose so much time looking for things, putting them in order or dusting them. Let's simplify our life, and keep what is truly worthwhile, lightening your life makes you feel more liberated. Making decisions makes you feel more secure and responsible, giving things makes you feel detached and more generous, and tidying up your space makes you feel more organized and effective. It is a way of freeing up space not only physically, but also mentally, leaving space for new things to enter, that does not mean throwing away things that remind us of who we are, that is also important to have, memories are the roots of who we are, but that that we accumulate that does not bring us anything, get it out of your house and your life.

Once everything that we no longer need has been purged, the order and cleaning routine must be followed in order to maintain a pleasant environment in our home, with habits such as:

  • Making your bed will undoubtedly make the room look tidier.
  • Wash dirty dishes at the moment, to prevent them from accumulating.
  • Take out the garbage daily, to avoid bad smells, or what overflow.
  • Put things back in their place after using them.
  • Do daily routine cleaning, without falling into obsession, frustration and never enjoying life.

An orderly, clean and uncluttered environment transmits joy, peace and balance, without a doubt the most luxurious thing in your house will be order, remember that the cleaner is not the one who cleans the most, but the one who dirties the least.
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A saying from my mother: «A house can be the humblest; but if it's clean and tidy, it's a real pleasure to be there.'

Pastor Yoanny Martinez.

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